What Is AMP?

Meredith is the creator of Anybody's Mentoring Program (AMP), aimed at giving back to the world a little of the creativity that was given to her from the many supporting people in her life.

"So many people are under the misconception that things either are just handed to them, putting too much value in the "right place at the right time" theory, or that their goals are beyond their reach. Somewhere in our lives, someone we looked up to told us we couldn't do something we know we could do, and we believed them."

"How many people are working that honor their creative sides? We all have a unique talent, a special gift, that is locked inside. This is what we are fighting to become one with again. I remember when my father's friend was running sound for a Billie Joel concert, and he used a tape I sang and played on to test the bard for sound check. Billy heard it, came over to me and said 'great song kid, keep it up' It was at that moment I know what I wanted to do with my life."

"To have one person say one thing, that meant so much to me, and that is what I focus on with AMP."

AMP was something she just found herself doing, having been involved in so many different programs to help others, it seemed natural to go into the schools and make the connection with the children.

"When I look back at my life, I can see through AMP, that sometimes we can be there, not for ourselves, but for what we can give to others"

AMP is a belief system. Meredith spent over 10 years attending seminars, learning psychology, the art of self expression, interpersonal skills, and how to process thoughts. She studied with the best in the business, working all this stuff out, and teaching it to others.

"It's amazing how much you can accomplish, just spending a little time with children and adolescents. But the right message needs to be spread. We have to give them that moment of self realization, when they are the ones who answer their own questions."

"All our lives we are told by others how we should do things, what is wrong and what is right. When, if we as a society, cannot support our children in their growth and understanding, than we have possible failed in the most important thing we can pass on. We are just the guides, to support the thought process, and growth of the individual."

"We have to honor all sides of ourselves. I want to help others build a foundation of confidence and feel good about their art." -Meredith Brooks-

A site dedicated to AMP is currently in development and will be coming soon.