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The United States OYOpad tablet pc (General)

posted by alleny33(R), 26.10.2011, 01:07

The United States OYOpad tablet pc
In the circle of technology reached epidemic proportions, far more than the other brand of tablet, become the first choice of professional brand. Although the United States OYOpad China tablet pc in the general public awareness of the consumer groups is not high, but in professional personage is popular, is a professional small the brand pc. In the circle of professional technology, have a OYOpad Zenithink ZT-180 tablet computer, is not only a symbol of status, is also walk in front of the intelligent terminals of a special honor. Its high-end quality, first-class TiNian, including beautiful small figure, the ubiquity of that fashion sense and pride.

Quality is the core of the product, the United States Zenithink Tablet, the core of an advanced science and technology from it. The United States OYOpad computer, using an advanced Android 2.3 froyo system as a built-in, support flash10.1 operation. Equipped with a 3 G network, wifi wireless network, and QianZhao card, the use time for five hours of lithium-ion polymer battery durability, even long time the body in the journey, also can at any time easily networking, commercial office and entertainment game two not mistake.

The United States computer is located in the notebook and smart phones to move between business terminal; Also set powerful communication function, and easy to carry mobile data terminal; Not only is equipped with Superpad 3 commercial office and powerful game performance, but also increase the super voice calls and recognition system let you in any circumstances, can with the customer, keep in touch with friends and family, clear.

Portable computer, in the near future, will be fully replace notebook and smart phones position, with the occurrence of technology of the clouds, the host will disappear is not far, therefore, in the circle of technology, have Ainol Tablet tablet computer, also be regarded as have advancing strategic vision for a learner.

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