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Come see Meredith perform songs from “If I Could Be…” in Chicago!

Cookie Magazine Presents, Cookie Jams’ Music Festival

Sunday Oct. 14th, 1pm - 5pm

River East Art Center
435 East Illinois St. at North Pier
Chicago, IL.

For Information Visit:

For tickets please call
(773) 477-9257, ext. 122
$15 per person, kids under 3 are free.
(All proceeds benefit The Lookingflass Theatre)


Vote for “Bitch”! Bitch has been included in Vh1’s “100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s!”. Your vote will help determine the countdown order of “Bitch”. Please vote as often as you wish.

Catch Meredith’s feature and interviews in this series. To be aired later this year.


Meredith returns to hometown to celebrate Corvallis, OR’s 150th Birthday Celebration. Tuesday, Sep. 11th, 5:30pm at Riverfront Park.

Come see Meredith perform songs from her debut children’s album, “If I Could Be…”. For details, visit


Come See Meredith Perform Children’s Concert in Southern California!

XM Radio Presents, Meredith Brooks, Performing Songs From Her Children's Album, "If I Could Be..."! CD will be Available for Sale at Event

Monday, April 30th
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Free Show
Festival starts at 12:00 noon

Wal-Mart Store #2401
1600 S. Mountain Avenue
Duarte, CA 91010
(Duarte is about 10 min. East of Pasadena on the 210)

Meredith will be Headlining the XMKiDS Traveling Roadshow, along with other great children's artist, to benefit "Children's Miracle Network", an amazing organization, funding children's hospitals across the country.

For more information:


Meredith #1 on XM Radio! Meredith’s first single, "Drive The Car", from her children’s album, "If I Could Be..." has gone to #1 on XM Radio. For more info. go to XM Kids at XM Radio


Hey Everyone,
It's been awhile and it's time to tell you what's up. First, any of you moms cruisin' the internet can find a great site called Hot Moms Club. I am the featured "Hot Mom" of the moment. I know it sounds funny but it's a great site and I believe what they stand for. In the article they talk about how much my son has inspired me. Very true. So much so that I am in the middle of a kids record. Ok... now for those of you rolling your eyes because your inner child is sleeping... I promise this is not just any kids record. It is for moms and kids and some have confessed to listening to it when they are alone in the car! Who knows, it just might wake that sleeping inner child of yours and let you have some fun with it! I have created a sampler for a few hundred moms to review. So far so good. So I am very busy with that....

But that's not all. My artist Bec Hollcraft has put together a band and has been playing all over. She's HOT !!! We are very close to being done with her record. If you get a chance to see her you should. She is an amazing performer and artist!

But wait there's more....My husband and I have decided to produce a festival for kids. It's a festival with music of current artists doing kids music and a few kids music artists. There will be eco friendly booths with entrepreneurial mom and dads showing all their cool creations. There will be music clinics, story telling and more. I will fill you in on more details as we get closer.

Ok, other than that I am just hanging out with the coolest kid in the world, diggin' being a mom...oh excuse me a "Hot Mom" and looking forward to going out next summer and playing!

Lot's of love,


Hey there!
I know ...way too long since I last checked in. Wanted to let you know Bec Hollcraft is playing Thursday, July 28th in Portland at Pioneer Square at noon and Rock 'n' Roll Pizza at 8:00 P.M. See for specifics. We have been working on Bec's album and band. It's awesome! She is a great performer and musician... I hope you get a chance to see her. On another subject, I just started an new CD myself. It's going to be a kids record but hopefully everyone will like it! If you are in Portland, say hi, I'll be at both shows!

Love, Meredith



As many of you know Jody and I have been involved with Tipp (The Institute for Professional Parenting) for about 5 years. Now that we have Troy in our lives, and have had a chance to be hands on parents, we have found TIPP's theory and teachings to be essential. I have always been a huge champion of TIPP and Faye Snyder's work and finally have a way to extend that support by being involved with a benefit concert to help them get their message out. I believe that by teaching people how to be better parents we will raise children that will help make this world a more conscious and therefore better place for all.

Faye's son Scott Clifton (who is on General Hospital) will be performing, as well as performances from a few others. And yes, I will be singing a couple of the faves!! I will also be hanging there enjoying the afternoon and will stay for the reception.

Lot's of Love,

Meredith Brooks

Benefit for TIPP (The Institute for Professional Parenting)
On Saturday February 12, 2005
From 3PM to 6PM
At B.B. King's Blues Club
Universal City Walk
Universal City, California
$150.00 V.I.P
* $50.00 General Admission
All Donations and Ticket Sales are Tax Deductible

Make Checks or Money Orders Payable To: T.I.P.P.
And Mail To: Elana Bonventura
P.O. Box 6566
Bakersfield, California 93386
Please Send Two S.A.S.E.'s With Your Order & A List of All Names in Your Group *V.I.P. tickets include preferred seating, "goodie bag" and entry into reception with performers and actors after show as well as complimentary food and beverage.

Shine now available in stores!

Meredith on "The Insider"
Meredith Brooks will have a feature segment on Pat O'Brien's hot new nationally syndicated TV show "The Insider" this Thursday, September 16th.* Check your local stations for times.

*(Date was changed from 7/17 to 7/16)

New Album
Look for Meredith Brooks' new album "Shine" in stores Sep. 21st. Also watch for Meredith's Live Performance on the Dr. Phil Show, airing Friday Sept. 24th. You can currently catch Meredith's performance of "Shine" airing nationwide on Dr. Phil's new TV commercial campaign. Please come back here for news and updates as they happen.

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