meredith brooks

About Meredith

She has shared the top ten chart with Bono, toured with Mick Jagger and has been a label-mate of Paul McCartney’s. Meredith electrified the world and established herself as an undeniable force in a generation of female rockers with her multi-platinum disc “Blurring the Edges” and its worldwide hit single “Bitch”. Once “Bitch” and her subsequent top ten single, “What Would Happen” launched Brooks to superstardom, she began touring the world extensively. Brooks performed as a featured artist on each of the Lilith Fair Tours. She appeared multiple times on TV shows such as The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien, Rosie O’Donnell, The View, Regis & Kelly, Dr. Phil Show and VH1 Divas to name a few.

By her second year of Lilith Fair Meredith had formed a bond with another Lilith Fair artist rapper and entertainment icon Queen Latifah. They vowed to collaborate on a song, which they did for Meredith’s next album Deconstruction. The song was Lay Down, written by Melanie in 1970, a song about black and white harmony, unity, and power. In continuing Meredith’s work with AMP they invited Crenshaw High Choir, a school she previously worked with, to record the song with them at the famous Capitol Recording Studio and perform it with them in the video. Queen Latifah and Meredith performed on many shows together including The Tonight Show, Rosie, and Queen Latifah’s new talk show.

Following Deconstruction Meredith built a studio and was one of the first women to navigate Pro-tools, becoming so accomplished she represented them at Namm that year. She wrote and produced her next 2 albums “Bad Bad One” and “Shine” and was invited to go on tour with Melissa Ethridge. Meredith said “Before Lilith Fair you wouldn’t have seen two women artists touring together like this. Sarah creating Lilith and all of us coming together like we did created a whole new paradigm.”

Meredith’s inspirational title track from her album, “Shine” was chosen by Dr. Phil for a series of on-air TV Spots and as the anthem for the show’s season. The song was chosen by Dr. McGraw from among hundreds of submissions because it fit the forward thinking, triumph over adversity philosophy of the show. As Dr. Phil put it: “The split second I heard it, I said, ‘That’s it, that’s the song we want to be the anthem for the show this year.’” The song’s message also reflects Brooks’ attitude towards her own survival in the music industry. It was just after “Shine” was picked up that Meredith’s son was born, an event that Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin, feted at their home, along with Entertainment Tonight and In Style magazine. Motivated by the birth of her son, Meredith has focused her imaginative energy and passion towards the writing and recording of a children’s record, “If I Could Be…”. “It’s funny how trying to be the best mom I can be and feeling so happy about it has produced the most inspired music of my whole career.” says Brooks. She was invited by Children’s Hospital and Cookie Magazine, along with Lisa Loeb and other Children’s artists, to do a short tour for to raise money for their cancer programs.

Between recording albums, the twice Grammy-nominated Brooks has become a first call record producer and has developed her own production company, Kissing Booth Music. Meredith produced and co- wrote Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breakthrough album “Barenaked”, which produced 2 ARIA hit gold singles and forever changed the image of JLH being an “industry made singer” as Meredith mentored her to write and find her voice. In 2003 she co-wrote and produced for Hilary Duff’s multi-platinum album, “Metamorphosis”. The first artist signed exclusively to Kissing Booth was 18 year-old rock sensation was Becca who topped the international pop charts several times in Japan. Meredith has gone on to write, produce and coach many other talented artists including Katy Perry, American Idol finalist, Haley Johnsen, and “The Voice” finalist, Juliet Simms among others.

In 2020 Meredith won a BMI Award as a writer on Bebe Rexha’s hit single “I’m A Mess”. In just the last few years Meredith’s songs have been featured on many popular tv shows including, “Orange Is The New Black”, “Little Fires Everywhere” and RuPaul’s Drag Race.



One of the first women to be placed on the cover of the magazine

After trying for years to get a hit with artist Jennifer Love Hewitt they turned the artist and entire album over to Meredith

Barenaked produced 2 ARIA gold singles

The Voice runner up Juliet Simms, Hilary Duff, whose Metamorphosis went triple platinum and American Idol artist Haley Johnsen, who is still mentored by Meredith and has created a successful independent career and is in the hugely successful EDM band Big Wild 

Was one of the first women to run Pro- tools eventually representing them at Namm

always one to push boundaries and open doors for women when she was told something couldn’t be done

was invited to the coveted Anime Convention. Playing the biggest Japanese festivals in Tokyo her label became distributed by Sony Japan.

One of the first women to open for The Rolling Stones on their worldwide tour