meredith brooks

Meredith with Jagged Little Pill producer Glen Ballard speaking at the Washington D.C. Congressional Breakfast

Breaking Through the Threshold®

While on tour, Meredith found a unique way to “give back,” creating Anybody’s Mentoring Program (AMP). On various tour stops (approximately 70 cities in all), Brooks spoke with crowds of high school students about making it in both the music industry and in life. She also partnered with Grammy’s in the Schools for a West Coast speaking tour at high schools. She performed her music, but the focus was on relating her experiences and stirring others to work hard to achieve their goals.

Meredith was honored in 2000 by an invitation to speak in Washington DC at a congressional breakfast about her mentoring program, AMP, and the important positive place that art can have in children’s educational programs.

While producing other artists, she found coaching became just as important as the music itself to find their authentic voice. Through all of this, she found her love of motivational speaking, coaching, and helping others break through their Threshold® to find success.

Meredith is available for public speaking.

One of the most surprising reactions to the song [ Bitch ] came from different groups around the world asking me to speak which sparked a new passion for sharing my love of psychology and leading others to find their authentic voice.